Meet Me – September/October

In the last week of September/beginning of October this year, I will be in Kansas City, Missouri for the NIC Tech Conference.  I’ll be giving a presentation, Intro to Dataviz!  I’d love to meet folks from nearby to talk shop or find interesting restaurants.  What are the best spots in KC?  Who’s doing interesting work?  Get in touch!

Meet Me – May 2019

In May 2019 I will be attending the CEM Conference in Los Angeles, California.  I’m super excited for the tour of CalPERS!  What a friendly looking website.  I hope it’s as fun and informative as the session in Indy.

I’ll also be haunting various sushi and oyster spots!  Do you have a recommendation?

Meet Me – January 2019

In January 2019 I will be in Washington, DC, joining the Womens March.  Do you have an amazing protest sign?  Come say hi.

It’s amazing to think it’s 2019 and we’re still marching for things like equal pay for equal work, reproductive rights, and an end to violence.  And yet here we are.

60 years ago, my grandmother was afraid.

In the hospital after delivering a sixth child.  A complicated pregnancy, much like the previous, and each more difficult than the last.  Her doctor said, Millie you must stop.  This has to be the last.  Your body cannot handle another.

What was she afraid of?

As a devout Catholic she was afraid to tell her priest, afraid he’d tell her no:  the Lord’s will was more important than her health, superseded her doctor’s orders, more important than ensuring she’d be around to care for six little children.

This is a real person.  This is the  true story of someone who lived and breathed and taught me to drive.  She’s as real as the table I’m sitting at right now.

It’s 2019.

It’s a little rattling that I hesitate to even post this, considering that equal pay, reproductive rights, and ending violence are considered politically charged topics.

Let’s change that.  If you’re reading this, it’s YOU.  It’s you and me and all of us.  We’re better than this.  GO.



Fund Your Successes

When you have a team, an idea, or a method that is working for you – as in, producing desired results – why not throw some resources at them?

Years ago I had a small team that was generating fantastic results.  Some results were expected, but we were also producing unexpected (positive!) effects.  Do you know what my awesome manager did?  She gave me a vacant position without questions and let me hire someone.  And then another.

Suddenly my team had two “arms.”  We kept gaining.  We kept producing.  Based on what we delivered, she gave me funding without many restrictions.

Maybe you have someone on your team who is too timid to ask for an additional resource.  *waves, hi!  That was me!  Are they producing already?  Don’t hem them in with too many restrictions or strings – give them something and see what they do with it!