August Happenings

In August I will be channeling my inner Viking and heading to Valhalla.  Don’t worry friends, it’s an indoor axe-throwing good time.  May Odin smile upon you all.

Meet Me | July 2018

I will be giving an educational presentation at my local Toastmasters Club on the new Pathways coursework.  Attendees will receive an overview of the program and a real-time demonstration of how to navigate the online resources.  Questions and participation welcome!

On Clarity of Vision

I’ve worn glasses or contacts since about 5th grade.  Recent tests showed I had 20/70 vision, which means I could see at 20 feet what correct vision sees at 70 feet away.  It was simply a fact of life that performing basic tasks such as driving or working required wearing some form of lens.

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What is your Legacy?

20 years from now, how do you want to be remembered?

At an interview I was asked this question.

What is your legacy?  What are you leaving behind?  What long-standing value have you added to your business?  When people who come after you reflect on what you built, what do you want them to remember?

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