Hi! I’m Kristen Shelton, a senior benefits manager based in Harrisburg, PA.

The thoughts and ideas expressed here are entirely my own, and do not represent the opinions of my employer.


Data Hunter-Gatherer.  Lifelong learner.  Omnivore.

My current role involves leading a team of 40+ dedicated individuals.  The best part of my day is watching them learn something new.   

Beyond that, I’m focusing on building visual representations of data using Tableau, Python and SQL.  Yes, I do those things for fun.  

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Conversations from the Roof

I returned from a two-hour meeting to find six missed calls from my dad’s cell phone.  All within two or three minutes of each other.

Meet Me – May 2019

In May 2019 I will be attending the CEM Conference in Los Angeles, California.  I’m super excited for the tour of CalPERS!  What a friendly looking website.  I hope it’s as fun and informative as the session in Indy. I’ll also be haunting various sushi and oyster spots!  Do you have a recommendation?

Music, Wandering in Circles, and Presence

I had a big interview coming up, and I was deep in my own head.  Did you know that when people are lost, they tend to walk in circles?  Uncertain of my direction I was wandering in anxious-brain wilderness, distracted and unproductive. Around and around, retracing my steps.